More Joy, Less Waste

Do Good, Feel Good

Save the Planet” is on a lot of TO-DO lists these days. We get it. Us too. But let’s face it - kinda overwhelming, isn’t it?

Sure, Climate Change is serious stuff. But do all the solutions need to be?

What if some of the solutions to Climate Change could be full of joy and hope and even pleasure? What if small, simple shifts in our daily lives could ignite meaningful change?

At Coghlan Cottage we make handmade soap, solid shampoo and solid conditioner to help make it easier. To love on all you folks who give a shit about our planet. To make it easy to choose more joy and less waste.

Our handmade soap are  + Plastic Free  + Palm Oil Free  + Wrapped in Compostable / Recyclable Packaging  + Shipped in plastic-free packaging made with post-consumer recycled content.

Together, our Coghlan Cottage Slow Soap Tribe has  + Diverted 1000s of pounds of usable, nutritious lard from the landfill  + Kept 100s of plastic bottles from being made  + Helped save endangered pig species, including the only breeding pair of rare Gloucester Old Spot pigs in Western Canada.

YOU did that. That matters.

"Do your little bit of good where you are. It's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." - Desmond Tutu

So go. Be brave. Make a small change that matters. It will give you courage for more and that tiny spark, joined with others, will burn bright with joy. We promise, it won't be hard!

Join us to slow down, take a breath and to discover the pleasure and satisfation of a life filled with



This was a gorgeous scent, and worked wonders on my skin.

- Sarah D.

I love this soap! I've been using it as a facial soap as well as body soap and my skin is radiant and soft. The scent is subtle but delicious. Try this, it's really lovely!

- N. Becker

It smelled great even before I opened the package.

It was beautifully packaged and doesn't dry out my skin.

- Christy F.

I am so impressed with the amount of care that has gone into this tiny package! It's all zero waste & smells so damn delicious.


Highly recommend - after trying it in a previous order, I proceeded to purchase 6 more!

Lisa F.

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I purchased this bar because it's SLS and Palm free, but I will buy more in the future because it's a wonderful shampoo! It smells wonderful and it less drying than other bars I have used in the past.

My hair is shiny and light-weight after I use it - It's never looked better!


Smells great. Cleans my hair without drying it out. Thank you!


Love how soft and clean my hair feels after using the shampoo bar!

I've been using LUSH shampoo bars but this does not compare! So much nicer!!


Love how clean my skin felt without drying my skin out. It removed light make up too! Love it!


Praise the Lard

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