Why I Use Lard

Hand-rendered, farm-fresh pastured lard is the heart and soul of our handmade soap.


What?! Animal fat in my soap????


It's a bit radical in the beauty world, but you know, we're renegades that way. We chose to break the animal fat taboo because waste really ticks us off!

Our customers can't possibly eat all the fat from our chubby piggies, so instead we trade them their unwanted fat for soap.

From Trash to Treasure. How great is that?

Our heritage-breed piggies are raised with lots of fresh air, sunshine and love. Their nutrient-dense lard is what makes our old-fashioned farm fresh soap so luxurious. 

The best part? Using lard means no yucky palm oil! Orangutangs for the win!!

Lard Soap Canada

Benefits of our Pastured Lard Soap

Nutrient Dense
Rich with Vitamin D
Long-Lasting Bar of Soap
    Creamy, Luxurious Lather
    Ethically Raised


      Feed your skin like you feed your body

      Your skin is your largest organ, and absorbs what you put on it, for better or for worse. We think it ought to be for better. 

      You deserve clean, handmade soap, and so does your skin.


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