Handmade Goat Milk Soap Canada

Do you know who made your soap?

Was your soap made by hand, or machine? Is it full of chemicals or clean, simple ingredients? Where did the ingredients come from?


At Coghlan Cottage, the main ingredients for our Lard and Goat Milk Soap come from right here on our family farm. There are others who use milk and lard as ingredients, but few who tend the soil and animals that produce them.

You know where your food comes from, you might even know who made your clothes; shouldn't you know who made the products you put on your skin?

Meet Edith + Beatrice

Edith and Beatrice are our two Toggenberg Goats who produce fresh, raw milk for our family and our soap. Their milk is rich and sweet, full of skin-soothing nutrition. Their days are spent playing in the barn and fields, goofing off with our big farm dog and snuggling with our two small kids.

Oh, and trying to steal my coffee.

Meet Stacey

I'm not a goat.

I'm the Mama to alllll the things at Coghlan Cottage Farm.

I am Mama to two, Farmer, Chicken Chaser, Goat Wrangler, Accidental Shepherd. I run on raw milk lattes and public radio. 

My two hands make each and every bar of soap here at the farm in my 1892 farmhouse kitchen. From scratch, right down to the hand-rendered lard.

Yes, it's a lot of work. You're worth it!


Meet the Pigs

Rare Breed Free Range Pigs Coghlan Cottage Farm 

These lazy bones are the reason Coghlan Cottage Soap Co. came to be.

When a former vegetarian becomes a pig farmer, a funny thing happens; waste becomes unthinkable.

I love these silly goofs with all my heart.

When I found out my customers couldn't eat all the fat from my chubby piggies and were throwing it away, well. It just couldn't stand. Coghlan Cottage Soap Co. was born.

You can read more about why I use lard in my soap here.

Happy Pigs Make Joyful Soap

Our pigs spend their days in hog heaven; snuggling their brothers and sisters, sleeping in the shade of our back woods, wallowing in mud puddles, rooting for worms and roots. They enjoy lots of belly rubs and snuggles from us and our two kids.

They are never confined or subjected to the horror of gestation crates. They get to do the things happy pigs do, until it is time for them to grace our table.

Saving Endangered Species

It's not just wild animals in far-away lands who are facing extinction in our changing world. Many of the animals we rely on for food are also at risk.

Part of what we do here on the farm is rare breed conservation. The two primary breeds we raise, Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot, are critically endangered. In fact, our farm is home to the only breeding pair of Gloucester Old Spot pigs in all of Western Canada. Although it's counterintuitive, the motto in rare breed conservation is 

You gotta eat 'em to keep 'em


The more people who choose to eat rare breeds, the more farmers who will raise them, thus bringing them back from the brink of extinction.

Every time you use a bar of our soap, you are not only diverting usable produce from the waste stream, you are also helping to protect our important livestock breeds from extinction. 
Go you!